Young ones and legal rights in Ireland. The Irish training system consists of main, second-level, third-level and further training.

Young ones and legal rights in Ireland. The Irish training system consists of main, second-level, third-level and further training.


In Ireland underneath the Child Care Act 1991, the kids Act 2001 in addition to United Nations Convention from the legal rights associated with son or daughter a kid is understood to be anybody beneath the chronilogical age of 18. until you are aged 18, except for certain contracts such as for apprenticeships or for necessities like food unless you are or were married, you cannot enter a legally binding contract. Just what youngster is permitted to do is fixed by his/her age. This document provides home elevators such problems that might have a direct effect on a child’s life.

Education and Employment

Education system

The Irish training system consists of main, second-level, third-level and education that is further. Kids can go to school that is primary the chronilogical age of 4. to go to second-level they have to be aged 12 on 1 January in the 1st school 12 months of attendance.

Addititionally there is an earlier Childhood Care and Education Scheme for the kids of pre-school age. To qualify for the scheme they need to be at the very least 24 months and 8 months of age.

Class Attendance

Attendance in school (or obtaining training) is compulsory through the chronilogical age of 6 as much as age 16 or until pupils have actually finished 36 months of second-level training, whichever could be the later on.

Tusla – the kid and Family Agency – could be the national agency founded to make sure that every child attends college frequently, or else gets a suitable minimum education. The Board:

Parents and guardians have obligation that is legal make sure that the youngster attends a college or elsewhere gets a training. If Tusla considers that the moms and dads are failing within their responsibility, it delivers the moms and dads a School Attendance Notice warning and in case the moms and dads don’t comply, they could be prosecuted. More info comes in our document on school attendance.

The Board additionally intervenes in terms of proposed college expulsions.

More info comes in our document, summary of the Irish training system.


Underneath the Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996 employers cannot use children under age 16 in regular full-time jobs. Young ones under age 14 can not be used. Kids aged 14 and 15 can be used the following:

Kiddies aged 15 can perform 8 hours a light work in school term time week. The maximum week that is working kids outside college term time is 35 hours or as much as 40 hours if they’re on approved work experience.

The optimum working week for kids aged 16 and 17 is 40 hours with at the most 8 hours each day.

More information will come in our documents, Hours of work with teenagers and legal rights of young employees.

Minimal wage

The nationwide minimal Wage Act 2000 offers up the minimal wage rate. From 1 February 2020, the nationwide minimum wage price is €10.10 one hour. Wage prices are entirely considering age, for instance, a worker under age 18 is entitled €7.07 each hour or 70% of this minimum wage. A worker aged 18 is eligible to 80% and a member of staff aged 19 is eligible for 90% regarding the minimum wage correspondingly.

An manager will pay more and also this must be printed in your agreement of work.

You will find out more about the National Minimum Wage within our document, minimal rates of pay in Ireland.

Apprenticeships as well as other jobs

The minimum age you can easily pursue particular jobs is the following:


There isn’t any minimum that is legal for babysitting. (The baby-sitter’s degree of readiness and competence will be the attributes that are main parent should think about)

Jobless re re re payments

Whenever working, you begin spending social insurance coverage efforts from 16 years. Nonetheless, you can’t claim a jobless re re re payment, such as for instance Jobseeker’s Benefit or Jobseeker’s Allowance, until age 18. You must additionally satisfy other requirements to be able to qualify.

There’s absolutely no minimal age at that you are prone to spend income tax or perhaps the Universal Social Charge.

Travel and entertainment


There are particular types of automobiles that a kid under 18 is allowed to push supplied he or she includes a student license or driving licence. The groups are the following:

A motorist must pass the motorist concept test before using for a learner permit that is first. A driver can be taken by you concept test at all ages. Nevertheless, you need to submit your pass certification to an engine Tax workplace together with your application for the learner that is first within couple of years of passing the idea test or the test certification could have expired.


You can’t drive any art having an engine over 3.7kW (5hp) unless you might be at the least 12 years old.

You need to be at the very least 16 years old before you decide to can drive a watercraft that is personaljet ski) or even a powerboat/motorboat that is effective at 17 knots or higher.

Travelling abroad

Children cannot book any occasion or a journey until they’ve been 18 years. Numerous companies will likely not enable kiddies under 16 years old to travel that are unaccompanied your provider to test exactly exactly just what its policy is.

Passports for young ones under 18 years old are legitimate for 5 years. Parental permission is necessary whenever using. From 1 November 2019, you are able to a first-time application online for a passport for some body under 18 years old supplied these are typically resident in:

You can easily make an application for a passport that is ten-year you might be 18 many years of age or higher.


Beneath the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2003, it really is an offence to purchase liquor or for anyone to purchase it if you are under age 18 for you. Additionally it is an offense unless you are in a private residence and have your parents’ consent for you to drink alcohol.

It really is an offence for you really to maintain an off-licence unless you’re having a moms and dad or guardian.

Kiddies are merely allowed on certified premises if they’re having a moms and dad or guardian, but this supply holds particular limitations. If associated with a parent/guardian, a young child may stick to the premises up to 9pm (10pm from might to September) unless the licence holder seems this can be damaging to the little one’s wellness, security and welfare. Young ones aged between 15-17 years may stick to the premises after 9pm where these are generally going to a function that is private which an amazing dinner is offered.

Underneath the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2008 the GardaГ­ have the energy to seize liquor when you look at the control of a kid under 18 years old where in fact the GardaГ­ have reasonable cause to think that the liquor are going to be consumed by a kid under 18 years in a general public destination.